ATMEL AVR is using in several automotive applications, for example, basic safety, essential safety, and powertrain and also entertainment systems.

Application of Microcontroller

Atmel microcontroller programming is cheap and really tiny in size. Hence anyone can embed on a various device. Basically, microcontroller programming is very easy and simple to learn. And also, it is not much difficult.

    • Mobile Phones
    • Auto Mobiles
    • CD/DVD Players
    • Washing Machines
    • Cameras
    • Modems and Keyboard Controllers
    • Security Alarms
    • Electronic Measurement Instruments
    • Microwave Oven

A microcontroller is the essential attributes of an electronic device that are in the process of rapid changes with the verse of your time and new advents. The programmers make up the first step toward this system that rendering it a brilliant device. And also, socket programming is advanced course in embedded system. The microcontroller is also performing as an embedded system with peripheral devices, storage as well as a central processor. Today, most of the programmable microcontroller is in use for various applications. And finally, enroll with Electronics Engineering Technician program and expand your technical knowledge of wireless communications, microcontrollers and industrial systems.