Power Converter Modules

Power Converter is an electrical circuit which accepts a DC input and generates a DC output of a different voltage, usually achieved by high frequency switching action employing inductive and capacitive filter elements.

A power converter is an electrical circuit that changes the electric energy from one form into the desired form optimized for the specific load. A converter may do one or more functions and give an output that differs from the input. It is used to increase or decrease the magnitude of the input voltage, invert polarity, or produce several output voltages of either the same polarity with the input, different polarity, or mixed polarities such as in the computer power supply unit.

The DC to DC converters are used in a wide range of applications including computer power supplies, board level power conversion and regulation, dc motor control circuits and much more.

The converter acts as the link or the transforming stage between the power source and the power supply output. There are several kings of converters based on the source input voltage and the output voltage and these falls into four categories namely the AC to DC converter known as the rectifier, the AC to AC clycloconverter or frequency changer, the DC to DC voltage or current converter, and the DC to AC inverter.