22pf ceramic disc capacitor


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22pf Ceramic Disc Capacitor

22pF Ceramic Disc Capacitor is normally used with crystals for loading purposes. These are rated at 22pF and 100V and have a 0.100″ (2.54mm) spacing, meaning these work great with a solderless breadboard or prototype board.  22pF ceramic Capacitor uses a ceramic material as the dielectric. Ceramics were one of the first materials to be used in the production of capacitors, as it was a known insulator.  This is a very common 22pF capacitor used with crystals oscillator for loading purposes.

22pF Ceramic Capacitor Features and Specifications

  • Capacitor Type : Radial Lead
  • Voltage : 100V
  • Capacitance :  22pF
  • Capacitance Tolerance : ±5%
  • Operating Temperature Min: -55°C
  • Operating Temperature Max: 125°
  • Material: ceramic


Use widely in low voltage applications that are DC powered such as:

  • Radios
  • Televisions
  • Other electronic gadget



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