24MHz HC-49S Crystal Oscillator


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The 24MHz HC-49S Crystal Oscillator provides accurate timing at a frequency of 24MHz. It is a versatile crystal oscillator suitable for microcontroller-based projects, measurement instruments, and industrial automation systems. With its stability and reliability, this crystal oscillator ensures precise synchronization and efficient operation of your projects.

Features of 24MHz HC-49S Crystal Oscillator

  • Frequency: 24MHz
  • Accurate timing and synchronization for microcontroller projects and industrial automation systems
  • Stable clock signals for reliable performance
  • Suitable for measurement instruments and control circuits

Applications of 24MHz HC-49S Crystal Oscillator

  • Microcontroller applications
  • Measurement instruments
  • Industrial automation
  • Control systems

FAQ and Answer

Q: Can I use the 24MHz HC-49S crystal oscillator in measurement instruments?

A: Absolutely, the 24MHz HC-49S crystal oscillator is widely used in microcontroller applications, measurement instruments, industrial automation, and control systems.


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