40 Pin DIL 2.54mm Male Header Breakable Pin


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A male header is an electrical connector designed to provide pins or terminals that can be inserted into and connected with a corresponding female header. It is commonly used in electronics and electrical systems to establish secure and reliable connections between components. The male header typically features protruding pins or terminals that are aligned in a specific pattern and pitch. When mated with a female header, the pins make physical and electrical contact, allowing for the transmission of signals, power, or data.

Male headers come in various configurations, including single-row or double-row, with different pin counts and pitches to accommodate different applications. They are widely used in printed circuit boards (PCBs), development boards (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc. ) connectors, and other electronic devices, providing a crucial interface for component integration and connectivity.

Features of the Male Header

1. Pitch: 2.54mm
2. Gender: Male
3. Number of Pins: 40 Pin
4. Type of Row: Single-Row (DIP)
5. Type of connector: Straight
6. Application: Electronic devices and PCB designs

Applications of the Male Header

1. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs): Male headers are extensively used in PCB designs to establish connections between the board and other electronic components. They provide a reliable and secure interface for components such as sensors, actuators, and integrated circuits, allowing for seamless integration and easy assembly of electronic systems.

2. Development Boards: Male headers are commonly employed in development boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and STM32 boards. They enable easy connection of expansion modules, sensors, and other peripherals, facilitating rapid prototyping and development of electronic projects.

3. Connector Systems: Male headers play a crucial role in various connector systems, enabling the connection of cables, wires, and other devices. They are widely used in applications where reliable and efficient electrical connections are required, such as in data communication, power distribution, and signal transmission.

4. Interface Modules: Male headers are used in interface modules, such as USB-to-serial converters and Ethernet modules, to establish communication and data transfer between different devices and systems. They provide a standardized connection interface that ensures compatibility and reliable data exchange.

5. Test and Measurement Equipment: Male headers find applications in test and measurement equipment, such as oscilloscopes and logic analyzers. They allow for easy connection and probing of signals, providing access to test points on PCBs and facilitating accurate measurements and analysis of electronic signals.

6. Industrial Automation: Male headers are utilized in industrial automation systems for connecting control modules, sensors, actuators, and other devices. They enable communication and control signals, facilitating the automation of manufacturing processes and ensuring efficient operation of industrial machinery.

7. Automotive Electronics: Male headers are commonly used in automotive electronics for connecting various components, including sensors, switches, control modules, and infotainment systems. They provide a reliable and secure connection interface, ensuring proper functionality and communication within the vehicle’s electronic systems.

8. Audio and Video Equipment: Male headers find applications in audio and video equipment, such as amplifiers, receivers, and display devices. They facilitate the connection of circuit boards, connectors, and audio/video components, enabling the transmission and processing of audio and video signals.

9. Robotics: Male headers are employed in robotics for connecting motor drivers, sensors, control modules, and other devices. They enable the control and coordination of robot movements and functions, facilitating the implementation of complex robotic systems.

10. DIY Electronics Projects: Male headers are widely used in DIY electronics projects, allowing hobbyists and enthusiasts to create custom electronic circuits and interfaces. They provide a versatile and flexible means of connecting different components, enabling the realization of innovative and personalized electronic designs.


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