4MHz HC-49S Crystal Oscillator


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The 4MHz HC-49S Crystal Oscillator offers precise timing at a frequency of 4MHz. It provides stable clock signals for applications requiring accurate synchronization, such as microcontrollers, digital circuits, and communication devices. Trust this crystal oscillator for reliable and consistent performance in your projects.

Features of 4MHz HC-49S Crystal Oscillator

  • Frequency: 4MHz
  • High precision and stability for accurate timing
  • Suitable for microcontroller projects and digital circuits
  • Reliable clock signal source for synchronization

Applications of 4MHz HC-49S Crystal Oscillator

  • Microcontroller applications
  • Digital circuits
  • Communication devices
  • Timing and synchronization systems

FAQ and Answer

Q: What applications can I use the 4MHz HC-49S crystal oscillator for?

A: The 4MHz HC-49S crystal oscillator is suitable for microcontroller projects, digital circuits, communication devices, and timing/synchronization systems.


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