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The BC547 Transistor is an NPN bipolar junction transistor widely used in electronic circuits. With its three terminals – Emitter, Collector, and Base – it enables current amplification and switching in electronic circuits. The BC547 transistor is known for its versatility and reliability.

Featuring a maximum current gain of 800A, the BC547 transistor excels at amplifying weak signals for further processing. It can handle a Collector−Emitter Voltage of 65V and a Collector-Base Voltage of 80V, making it suitable for a range of voltage requirements.


Features of BC547 Transistor

  1. High DC Current Gain (hFE): 800A
  2. Collector Current (Ic): 100mA
  3. Emitter-Base Voltage (VBE): 6V
  4. Base Current (IB): 5mA
  5. Polarity: NPN
  6. Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage: 65V
  7. Maximum Collector-Base Voltage: 80V
  8. Transition Frequency: 300MHz
  9. Package: TO-92
  10. Power Dissipation: 625mW
  11. Temperature Range: -65°C to +150°

Applications of BC547 Transistor

1. Amplification: The BC547 transistor is commonly used for current amplification in various electronic circuits, including audio amplifiers and signal amplifiers.

2. Switching Loads: With its ability to handle moderate current levels, the BC547 transistor is suitable for switching applications. It can be used to control the on/off state of devices such as relays, LEDs, and small motors.

3. Darlington Pairs: The BC547 transistor can be used in Darlington pair configurations to achieve even higher current amplification and switching capabilities.

4. Drivers: They can be employed as a driver in circuits that require driving other components such as LEDs, relays, and small solenoids.

5. RF Circuits: The BC547’s transition frequency of 300MHz makes it suitable for use in radio frequency (RF) circuits, such as RF amplifiers and RF receivers.

6. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM): The BC547 transistor can be used in PWM circuits to control the speed of motors or the intensity of light in applications such as motor speed control and dimming of LEDs.

7. Sensor-Based Circuits: The BC547 transistor can be incorporated into circuits that involve sensors, such as temperature sensors, light sensors, and proximity sensors, to amplify and process sensor signals.

8. Audio Preamp Circuits: Due to its high current gain, the BC547 transistor is well-suited for audio preamplifier circuits, which amplify weak audio signals from sources such as microphones or musical instruments.

9. Alarm Circuits: The BC547 transistor can be used in various alarm circuits, including burglar alarms, fire alarms, and security systems, to amplify and control alarm signals.

10. Electronic Projects: The BC547 transistor finds application in a wide range of electronic projects, including LED flasher circuits, water level indicators, heat sensor circuits, moisture-sensitive alarms, and many more.



FAQs and Answers

Q: What are the advantages of BC547?

A: The advantages of BC547 include its high gain current, wide availability, low voltage operation, compact size, and suitability for RF circuits, audio amplifiers, and switching loads.

Q: Can I use BC548 or BC549 as a substitute for BC547?

A: Yes, BC548 and BC549 are similar transistors that can be used as alternatives or substitutes for BC547. However, they may have slightly different specifications, so it’s important to consult their datasheets for precise information.

Q: What are some common applications of BC547?

A: BC547 finds applications in current amplifiers, audio amplifiers, switching loads (up to 100mA), Darlington pairs, LED drivers, relay drivers, PWM circuits, and more. It is widely used in alarm circuits, sensor-based circuits, RF circuits, and various electronic systems.

Q: How can I ensure proper usage of BC547 in a circuit?

A: To ensure proper usage, make sure to stay within the specified limits of collector current, voltage, and temperature. Use a suitable base resistor for proper saturation current. Double-check the transistor’s pinout configuration before connecting it to a circuit to avoid performance issues or damage.


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