CSC3110 Class-D Power Amplifier


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CSC3110 Class-D Audio Power Amplifier

CSC3110 Class-D power amplifier is a stereo audio power amplifier ic that meets the EMC requirements without a filter at all. The enhanced CSC3110, the point of the stereo class D audio power amplifier part, adopts a 28-pin TSSOP package. 

Features of CSC3110 Class-D Power Amplifier

  •  Filter-less advanced EMI suppression technology can reduce bill of materials costs by 70% while meeting EMC performance specifications.


  • Use low-cost ferrite bead filters to replace expensive inductor output filters, which can reduce board space; filter-free design Prevents overdriving of speakers and also avoids damage caused by faulty circuit board components or DC current generated by audio input circuit detection; speaker protection enhances output power limit and DC input detection
    Less than 0.001% over full power range at 1kHz The ultra-low THD+N performance of THD+N coupled with the advanced click and pop suppression circuit can achieve excellent audio performance and fidelity; completely achieving low harmonic distortion and no popping sound.


  • One side is Pass-through package pins with high voltage pins and input control pins on the other side facilitates unobstructed layout and optimizes thermal performance.


  •  Differential inputs enable excellent common-mode noise rejection and high-fidelity audio




  • The working voltage is 4.5V~18V.
  • The working temperature is -45℃-140℃.,
  • Medium and small power
  • Analog input
  • BTL bridge mode output class D power amplifier circuit.
  • 16V power supply, when the load is 8Ω, THD is 10%, 2×15W
  • 12V power supply, when the load is 8Ω, THD is 10%, 2×10W
  • 12V power supply, when the load is 4Ω 、When the total harmonic distortion is 10%, 2×16W
  • 12V power supply, when the load is 4Ω, PBTL mode, when the total harmonic distortion is 10%, 20W
  • Up to 90% efficiency without using an external heat sink


Application of CSC3110 Class-D Power Amplifier

  •  Hi-Fi Audio Bluetooth Audio
  • Lever Audio TV Amplifier
  • Multimedia Audio System VR Audio System
  • Wifi sound system



CSC3110 Pinout
CSC3110 Pinout



CSC3110 Circuit Diagram.png
CSC3110 Circuit Diagram




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