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L7805CV is a three terminal linear DC voltage regulator IC with a fixed output voltage of 5V which is useful in a wide range of applications. They are available in several IC Packages like TO-220, SOT-223, TO-263 and TO-3. Out of these, the TO-220 Package is the most commonly used one.

L7805CV Parameters

Fixed Output Voltage Nom. 5V
Adjustable Output Voltage Min
Adjustable Output Voltage Max
Input Voltage Min 7V
Input Voltage Max 35V
Product Range 7805 Voltage Regulators
Output Current 1.5A
Output Type Fixed
Linear Regulator Case Style TO-220
No. of Pins 3 Pins
Operating Temperature Min 0°C
Operating Temperature Max 125°C
Automotive Qualification Standard
MSL  MSL 1 – Unlimited

L7805CV Pin Configuration

l7805cv pinout

L7805CV CAD Models Information

L7805CV Part Symbol

L7805CV Footprint

L7805CV 3D Model

L7805CV Features

  • Output current in excess of 1.5A
  • Output voltage of 5V ·Internal thermal overload protection
  • Output transition Safe-Area compensation
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Short circuit protection

L7805CV Electrical Characteristics

Tj=25℃ (Vi=10V, Io=0.5A, Ci=0.33μF, Co= 0.1μF unless otherwise specified)

Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Max Unit
Vo Output Voltage Vin=20V; Io=500mA 4.8 5.2 V
△Vv Line Regulation 7.5V≤Vin≤20V; Io=0.5A 50 mV
△Vi Load Regulation 5.0mA≤Io≤1.5A;


100 mV
Iq Quiescent Current Vin=10V; Io=1.5A 6.0 mA
△q1 Quiescent Current Change 5.0mA≤Io≤1.0A;


0.5 mA
△q2 Quiescent Current Change 7V≤Vin≤25V; Io=500mA 1.3 mA

L7805CV Schematic Diagram

l7805cv schematic diagram

The internal circuit of L7805 three-terminal voltage regulator IC has the functions of overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and overheat protection, which makes its performance very stable. Therefore, it can achieve more than 1A output current. The device also has a good temperature coefficient, so the product has a wide range of applications. Local regulation can be used to eliminate the influence of noise and solve the dispersion problem related to single-point regulation. The output voltage error accuracy is ±3% and ±5%.

L7805CV Block Diagram

L7805CV Block Digram


L7805CV Application Circuit

L7805CV Application Circuit


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