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Introducing the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor, a distance measuring module. With exceptional precision and stability, comparable to SRF05 and SRF02 Ultrasonic Ranging Modules. Its remarkable accuracy, minimal blind spots (2cm), and reliable distance measurement capabilities make it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Additionally, this module is incorporated with the GH-311 anti-theft technology.

Technical Parameters

  • Voltage: DC5V
  • Quiescent Current: <2mA
  • Level Output: High-5V, Low-0V
  • Induction Angle: Not more than 15 degrees
  • Detection Range: 2cm to 450cm
  • High Precision: Up to 0.3cm

Easy Installation and Operation

The HC-SR04 module is a user-friendly design. it is simple to install and operate. The module pinout wiring includes VCC, trig (control side), echo (receiving end), and GND. Note that the TRIG pin has an internal pull-up 10K resistor, which should be connected to a microcontroller IO port pin (Like Arduino Pin) to generate a 10us pulse signal.

Working Principle of the HC-SR04

The HC-SR04 operates using the following steps:

  1. The Microcontroller IO trigger the module with at least a 10us high signal.
  2. The module automatically emits eight 40kHz square waves and detects the returning signal.
  3. Upon receiving a signal, the module outputs a high signal to the microcontroller IO with a duration proportional to the ultrasonic time from launch to return.
  4. The test distance is calculated using the formula:

Test distance = (Time High * Speed of Sound (340M/S))/2.

Application of HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor

  1. Distance Measurement: The module is primarily used for precise distance measurement in robotics, automation, and navigation systems. It can be integrated into projects requiring accurate distance sensings, such as obstacle detection and avoidance.
  2. Security Systems: The HC-SR04 module’s anti-theft capabilities make it suitable for security systems. It can be used in combination with other components to create intrusion detection systems, door/window sensors, and perimeter monitoring solutions.
  3. Parking Assistance: The module can be employed in parking assistance systems, helping drivers determine the distance between their vehicles and obstacles. It provides real-time feedback, making parking safer and more convenient.
  4. Proximity Sensing: With its ability to detect objects at close range (2cm), the HC-SR04 module is useful for proximity sensing applications. It can be used in touchless switches, proximity-based control systems, and gesture recognition devices.
  5. Industrial Automation: In industrial settings, the module can be used for inventory management, object positioning, and process control. It enables accurate measurement and control of distances in manufacturing, logistics, and assembly line operations.
  6. Robotics: The HC-SR04 module finds application in robotics for obstacle detection and mapping. It enables robots to navigate their environment safely and efficiently, avoiding collisions and mapping their surroundings.
  7. Liquid Level Monitoring: By measuring the distance to the surface of a liquid, the module can be utilized for liquid level monitoring in tanks, reservoirs, and industrial containers. It provides real-time data for monitoring and control purposes.
  8. Smart Home Systems: The module can be integrated into smart home systems for various purposes, including occupancy detection, smart lighting control, and home security. It enables the automation of home functions based on distance measurements.
  9. Healthcare: In the healthcare sector, the HC-SR04 module can be used for medical applications like non-contact distance measurement for patient monitoring, automated medication dispensing systems, and fall detection systems for the elderly.
  10. Educational Projects: The module is often employed in educational projects, helping students learn about ultrasonic technology, sensors, and measurement principles. It offers a hands-on experience for understanding distance measurement concepts.

FAQs and Answers

Q: What is the detection range of the HC-SR04 module?

A: The HC-SR04 module has a detection range of 2cm to 450cm, providing precise distance measurement capabilities.

Q: Can I use the HC-SR04 with different microcontrollers?

A: Yes, the HC-SR04 module is compatible with various microcontrollers, including Arduino Board, PIC, STM32, Etc.

Q: How accurate is the HC-SR04 in measuring distances?

A: The HC-SR04 offers high precision, with measurements accurate up to 0.3cm, ensuring reliable and consistent results.

Q: Can I use the HC-SR04 module for anti-theft applications?

A: Yes, the HC-SR04 module incorporates the GH-311 anti-theft technology, making it suitable for anti-theft applications in addition to distance measurement.

Q: Is the HC-SR04 module easy to install?

A: Absolutely! The HC-SR04 module features a user-friendly design, allowing for straightforward installation and operation. Simply follow the provided panel wiring instructions.


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